Tanja Bachmann, 1971 born in Berlin, lives in Germany                                                    

Tanja Bachmann captures representative scenes of contemporary life all over the world. What you get is what she saw. She never arranged the actual photographed moment. She is an “eyewitness” of modern society and basic nature. Many of Tanja Bachmann’s pictures achieve their tension and beauty thru “framework”. The right framing of the ongoing interaction and existing structure is an important instrument of her work. “Framing is everything”. She prefers clear and detailed objects. She believes and searches for pure nature and captures the authentic beauty of it. It is a radiating minimalism that Tanja Bachmann presents in her photographs. She is a member of the Freikunst-movement that was founded in July 2007. Freikunst and their protagonists reflect on the inseparable complex unit of existing modern society, politics, eros and basic needs. “Nature vs/and Human Believes”. Art, politics, sex, morals are all part issues of one big game played by human beings who are removed from their base, stultified and void of intuition, so it seems. Freikunst and their ARTists try to revitalize the importance, responsibility and meaning of the real person by creating a variety of politically motivated ART (installations).